Missions History

Brief History of the beginning of missions in the American Restoration Movement

1. The first foreign mission point was Jerusalem.

A. James Turner Barkley selected to be the first missionary.

1. He was a one-time owner of Monticello, six years after T. Jefferson died.

2. In 1850 selected to go Jerusalem

3. Arrived in Jerusalem Feb. 10, 1851.

4. Left to return during the summer of 1854.

5. Not much accomplished while there.

3. African Work in 1853.

A. Alexander Cross, a black slave-preacher from Kentucky selected.

1. Departed from Baltimore November 5, 1853.

2. Arrived in January, 1854 in Monrovia.

3. Two months spent in preparation to preach.

4. Warned before departure to be careful in the hot African sun.

5. He took very little heed to the warning.

6. While on a fourteen-mile boat ride up the St. Paul’s river, got sun stroke. In a few days got a fever and died.

7. Never preached a sermon.

4. Other works developed over the next few year leading up to the Civil War in 1861.

A. J.O. Beardslee to Jamaica Jan. 20, 1858

B. W.W. Eaton to Nova Scotia, 1858.

C. John O’Kane to Kansas, 1859.

Taken from History of the Restoration Movement – Growth and Departures